Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lake side Stroll

I decided to put together a picture board of things, that I'd bring along to a beach or lake outing. To an extent, it's an outfit inspiration! :)

Lake-side Stroll

Lake side Stroll by mystyledexpressions featuring forever 21

Jersey Vest Maxi Dress
The first item that comes to my mind, when I think of the beach or lake, is a maxi dress. I just love  the 'easiness' of it. You don't have to do much to dress it up. It's 'breathable' and comfy enough to wear for long periods of time!

Miss Selfridge Sleeveless Crop Tie Shirt
Since most maxi dresses have short sleeves or are sleeveless, I decided that pairing the maxi dress with a vest is a good idea. It'll help keep you warm, when the cool wind starts to blow. You can also wear a quarter-sleeve vest if you prefer that.

There's something so classy and sophisticated about Fedora hats. I've never worn a Fedora, but I'd definitely like to.

Crossbody bag
I love crossbody bags! When I'm not going to anywhere 'fancy', I always carry a crossbody bag, instead of a hand bag. It's hands-free...why not? :) And, the yellow, brightens up the look.

These are the type (there are few) of sunglasses  that suits my face, so I'd definitely bring those along!

I just prefer sandals to flipflops and it's more 'dressy'.

What does your beach/lake outfit include?

Take care! :)

Oluwaseun S.


  1. I dont really like going to beaches, not really the outdoor type but if I was I would totally wear this outfit. its so well put together, love it!

    1. Thank you, Rally!!

      I'm not either, but I like to mix things up. Hehe. Either way, I think it's a nice outfit choice for a 'relaxing' going to a picnic :)

  2. Love this! Now I want to go to the lake!

  3. Love it! :)

  4. Love this entire look! So well put together!
    Instagram: Cmichellestyles

  5. Love this look. My lake outfit will probably be overalls and a crop top. I have been feeling nostalgic lately for 90s fashion. I might as well rock it at the lake right? Lol. I would love to rock this outfit too :)

  6. Those glasses! I love aviator, but for some reason they just don't love me back :(

    Everytime I go to the beach my outfit (in my head) consists of: A sexy bikini, an extremely cute swimsuit cover in a pretty color, nice sunglasses, and cute sandals.

    Yet when I actually do go I end up saying "It's too hot to be cute" and settle for a swimsuit, t-shirt, & cut off denim shorts haha. Maybe one day I'll look beach-cute!!

    Zauni | The Kind Side

  7. ee, these pieces are so cute! i adore that maxi dress, it's so summery!

    lindsey louise

  8. Love it! :)
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know then follow you back.

  9. Great pieces! Same things I'd bring along for a stroll ;}.


  10. Perfect for a stroll.


  11. I actually have everything on here, except for the maxi dress,I've never been interested in one though, I don't know why though


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