Monday, March 25, 2013

Guest Post: The Mis-education of the Black Woman (Part Three)

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Here is the concluding part of this guest post series, on natural hair! Read part one and part two.
Quickest ways to get frustrated on your natural hair journey
Many get frustrated & confused on their natural hair journey and most eventually give up and run back to the relaxer.
This can happen through many ways:
-Jumping on bandwagons: There are many trends going around these days that if you begin trying each and everyone of them, you will eventually wear yourself out and get nowhere in your hair journey. At the beginning of my natural hair journey, I was jumping on bandwagons and trying this or that but quickly found out that was not the way to go but instead it wore me out, got me no closer to getting to know my hair and it was making my wallet cry out.
-Comparing: When you start comparing your hair to other naturals’ hair, it will only frustrate you! No two naturals have the same hair characteristics nor can you share another natural’s journey. Get busy getting to know your hair and mastering it!
-Trying to fit in: Just because a technique or product has been badly spoken of by some does not mean it cannot work for you. Don’t be afraid to try and when you do, if it works with your hair, find how you can personalize the technique/product/took according to your hair & regimen.

-Do what you can: try building your hair regimen according to your lifestyle. If you know you are so busy you can only give your hair 2 hours a week, then it’s best to concentrate on a basic regimen (but basic does not mean getting less out of it) and low manipulative styles that will not demand you re-styling every morning (for example two strand twists)

Knowledge is power!
To conclude, let me just leave you with this: knowledge is power! If you want to stay natural, get informed and turn that mis-education into a proper education.  Get to know basic hair science (which is really simple). This will help you understand why some technique work and others don’t. Arm yourself with knowledge so you won’t fall for every product you come by.Get to know the ingredients you need for your hair and check every ingredients list before dishing out your money to buy any product.
Lastly, get to know you hair!!!! Nobody can do this but you. Once you’ve mastered your hair – meaning, you understand it’s different characteristics and reactions to various techniques and products – then the rest is all about watching it grow and flourish.
I encourage you to be bold as you make the decision to stay natural. Stay confident and wear it like your favorite dress because on your natural journey it’s more than likely some people will voice their disapproval concerning your decision. Receive the support you get and when you don’t get it, stay confident and wear your beautiful crown proudly!
And, that concludes this series. I really do hope you enjoyed it!

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Oluwaseun S. 


  1. Blessings......
    i love my natural hair, i find it has more character and versatility that permed hair. I love being able to go from curly to temporarily straight, to twist, cornrows, braids, afro etc.

    My frustration with my hair has more to do with my lack of patience more than it has to do with my texture.


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