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Guest Post: The Mis-education of The Black Woman (Part Two)

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To read part one of this guest post series, please click here. Do take time to read through the post. Don't rush through it, you might miss important details! :)
Let's hear hear from Funbi, of Datfunkyfro...again! :)
Only those with “good hair” can stay natural
I’ve heard that sentence so many times it just keeps sounding the more ridiculous each time. Many believe the less kinky your hair is the better it is…they say it’s “good hair”. But that is a whole load of nonsense because good hair is not defined by hair texture but rather hair health. Right from my childhood, many kids are dissed for their tight curls while others are praised for their “good hair”. Some ladies use it as an excuse…they don’t think they’ve got “that good hair” to be able to stay natural. Hair texture has got nothing to do with it. Anybody can wear natural hair no matter their curl pattern or ethnic background.  Whether you call it “good hair” or not, depends on how well you take care of it.

Natural hair basics
There are a few basic things every natural needs to know and practice to make keep their hair healthy & make their journeys as smooth as possible.
-Moisture! As I explained earlier, moisture is vital for natural hair and depending on the texture, others need it more than some. How can you moisturize your hair?
1. Water based moisturizing spray: this has to be light enough to use daily if necessary. It can be homemade or bought from a brand.
2. Water based moisturizing cream: this can be a really good leave in or a cream labeled as a moisturizer. This should be applied after the water based moisturizer to help boost moisture levels.
3. A sealant: oils and butters should be used here to trap the moisture inside your strands.
These are the 3 golden steps to moisturizing. Of course, depending on your hair, products and regimen, you might need one step more than the other or you might not need to follow all three each time you need to moisturize. Choose products your hair likes to achieve optimum results.
-Stretch! Building a hair regimen that promotes stretched hair is a great way to achieve healthy hair because this avoids tangles & knots; it also makes certain hair styles much easier.
-Tools! There are a ton of combs, brushes and such out there. Experiment with some and choose the ones that word for your hair.  Always remember to choose the best quality for combs & brushes you can find and afford.
-Protect! This is a key part in wearing natural hair. Many think natural hair is cement-strong and can withstand all sorts but this is a myth. It’s actually fragile and needs to be manipulated with care. When sleeping or during cold weather or when swimming and such, natural hair needs to be protected as much as possible. The ends are the most fragile part. Frequently moisturizing your hair (and especially your ends), manipulating it with care and avoiding aggressive hairstyles when you can, will do much good to your hair.

 Side note: There is one more part to this guest post series. I didn't want to put it all in one post. As, always...stay tuned! :)
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Oluwaseun S.


  1. OOO! Thanks for the tips! I recently went natural-not yet bold enough to rock my teeny weeny afro, but I found it so so hard to comb my hair...even after using deep conditioner, olive oil spray, hot oils etc...I got a massive headache after combing my super curly hair and started wondering if I should stay natural.
    Are there any heavy duty creams or texturizers out there?

  2. Thank you for providing these helpful tips. I plan on trying to use a leave in as a moisturizer.



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