Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Outfits Recap

Happy New Year! I wish you great success in all you lay your hands on this year. I pray that God leads you in all you do. Please make sure to put God first. Seek Him in all you do.

I know I'm sorta late, but below is a recap of some of my outfits from 2012. I started this blog on February 13, 2012. My blog will be a year old in less than 2 months. Wow! :)

Like I mentioned on Instagram, I hope to incorporate more colors and prints into my style in 2013! Great and marvelous things are in-store for me this year!

I spent my New Year Eve/New Year morning in church! What about you? :)

Take care! :)
Oluwaseun S.


  1. I also spent mine at Church, Can't wait to more of you this year. Once again Happy New Year...:)

  2. Really nice closet you got and your hair always made a statement of its own. Happy new year to you. <3

  3. We can totally notice that you add more colors to your outfits and I love it! Love all your colorful ones :)
    Happy new year! I spent mine at church then home with my loved ones! :)

  4. I am so proud of your blog. Congratulations on all of your achievement and all that you were able to do with this blog. Happy New year.

  5. Happy new year lovely!
    It's been such a wonderful year following your blog. Hoping 2013 will be another exciting year with you.


  6. It's crazy how thanks to blogging, we improve our style and are more and more daring to try new things. I think if I did not started blogging I would not have the open mind on fashion and style I have now, I'd be a blind follower haha. We can clearly notice how you've been playing with colors and prints. Wishing you the best for this new year!

  7. You look absolutely beautiful! <3 I love the natural hair ;)Happy new year lovely!

    XOXO Sade

  8. Happy New Year Seun, Hope you have a wonderful year ahead! Can't wait to see more of your lovely posts in 2013..

  9. 2012 held some very classy outfit, love it.


  10. Happy New Year, Seun. You've styled a lot of great outfits. Wish you all the best of good things this year has to offer.

  11. Happy new year love.
    I spent mine too in church! Was real cool.

  12. love your blog, newest follower- jade xxx



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