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Guest Post: Nail Art/Keeping Your Nails Groomed

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?
Today's guest post is from the one of my followers; Emma of NuellaSource. Emma has been a follower of mine for a while now. In fact, she was among the first few followers I had. Today, she'll be talking to us about one of the many her many talents/hobbies: Nail-Art. She's a very creative person, and Nail-Art is one of the ways she expresses herself.
Read more from her below:
Hello MyStyledExpressions readers! I don't know why Oluwaseun asked me to guest post about nails art since I'm definitely not a professional but I feel honored anyway. Believe it or not I'm a quite clumsy person, but I love colors and all the things girly. That is where my addiction for nail polish/nails art came from.

Here's a tutorial, and I hope you all will like it. I didn't list the products I used, because they're local. I actually live in Cote d'Ivoire (West Africa), but as long as you can see the color, it should be fine. Enjoy!

Here are 10 tips to grow and keep healthy nails:

1. Clean them regularly, which means make sure to remove all the nail polish you have on. Don't leave nail polish on the cuticle. Also make sure to wash your hands often. The dirt in your nails make isn't beneficial to the health of your nails.
2. Cut your nails only when they're wet; this will prevent breakage.
3. Let your nails breathe. Take a break before putting in your next nail polish
4. Avoid wearing fake nails often; they weaken your real nails. Also avoid biting them.
5. Drink lots of water. This will keep your cuticles and fingernails hydrated.
6. Gelatin+water promotes nails growth (I have never tried it, but people speak good of this, so give it a try).
7. Dip your nails in lemon, it strengthens and whitens them.
I didn't know what made my nails grow, because they would always break. Now, I realized that lemon had something to do with it. My nails broke some weeks ago and now I do it (dip in lemon) one time per week and the result is already visible. You can also mix lemon juice with argon oil.
8. Apart from drinking water, you also need some external hydration. Hydrate your hands, nails and cuticle very often. How? Massage them quite often with a suitable lotion and use emollient water on your cuticles.
9. When dealing with chemicals products, always wear gloves.
10. And last tip that may help you someday, hot water is an excellent solution to soften a hardened nail polish. Just simply plunge the bottle of nail polish in hot water for a long time.

Thanks for sharing those lovely tips with us, Emmnuella.

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Take care! :)
Oluwaseun S.


  1. I love the variety of nail designs you created in the video, so lovely!

  2. I am such a nail freak but I actually learned some new tips from this post. Thanks for posting it, I am so loving that your guest posts features different aspects of fashion.

    Have a great week Oluwaseun...:)

  3. I don't like Nail posts, when I see a nail post I don't even bother opening the link but this time I decided okay what the hell, let me check it out. LOL, to my suprise I actually learnt something knew. LOL. I love you guys (bloggers) cause one is always bound to learn something, I can most def.take better care of my nails.

    Thank you Emma, I look forward to more of your nail post now.
    P.S, I love that you mentioned that you clumsy, me too!! LOL

    1. Haha it was my pleasure! I'm glad to hear that you've learned something :)

  4. I need to try this. I spent a lot on Chanel and Essie Nail Polish lately and have been too lazy lately to use them. Will use your tips...hopefully. LOL!!! Great video!!!


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