Monday, October 22, 2012

Guest Post: Iro ati Buba (Oleku)

Hello all!
Guest post for today is from my dear friend, Oyelola. She'll be informing us about one of the many ways the Yoruba people of Nigeria dress up for: parties, weddings, naming-ceremonies, and any sort of celebration. 
Check out what she has to say, below

In the Yoruba culture, we have an outfit we call Iro ati Buba Iro is the bottom and Buba is the top, but for females, the Iro is worn like a wrap skirt. For the formal style of Iro ati Buba, the Iro reaches your ankle, while the Buba reaches your wrist. The more 'hip' style of Iro ati Buba is known as the Oleku. The Iro reaches your knee, while the Buba is quarter-length sleeves.

You can use whatever material/print you want for the style. Choosing a vibrant color or print is the best way to go, because you'll stand out. Ankara and Lace are some of the materials used in sewing Iro ati Buba. To make your Iro ati Buba or Oleku a complete outfit, you are encouraged to wear a gele. Gele is a head gear/wear/piece. It also comes in different material/print. Learning how to wrap a gele is not a difficult, but it takes practice.
With that said, check out my own version (worn to a wedding) of Iro ati Buba, with the hip version: Oleku

A short video, on one of the many ways you can tie a gele:

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Oluwaseun S.


  1. I love her shoes and her make-up is on point. I love it! Oleku is such a chic style on anyone both young and old.

  2. First time on your blog, so nice

  3. The Oleku style is a growing trend, but I think it is here to stay. I like her outfit...the fabric is vibrant.

  4. Wooow great outfit..You look georgeus :)) The dress is so beautiful..

    Maybe you wanna follow each other,let me know :)


  5. Love your beautiful dress.*_*
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
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  6. Am loving the Oleku trend. I ope I can pull it off some day.

  7. she looks gorgeous! love how the whole looks just works.xx

  8. WOW... everything is on point! #LOVEit

    Great post Oyelola, you look so stunning, I would not find an error even if I tried! LOL.

  9. such a beautiful outfit; love the colour and pattern of the material!

  10. Love the pretty blue colour and clutch!


  11. I always wondered what oleku was from the song "oleku"... Well now I understand unless it's an entirely different thing. nice post... thanks for sharing

  12. I want one! I remember seeing pictures of my grandma in this from back in the day and wondering what the heck?! What's old is new.


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