Friday, March 9, 2012

Out and About: Because I like these Shoes...

I got these shoes from Target almost two months, and this is my first wearing them. I really like these shoes, they are super comfortable! Well, here are some pictures: 

My hair's in a puff today! Plus, I cut off the neck of the shirt I' m wearing, to make it into an off-the-shoulder type thing.

What I'm wearing:
Shirt: I don't remember, it's just an old shirt from my closet! :)
Skinny Jeans: Marshalls
Scarf: I don't remember! :(
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Target

What do you think of this look and these shoes?

Take care!
Oluwaseun S.


  1. nicee. they look super comfortable.

  2. looks comfy and cute..i like your look too :)

  3. the shoes are cute I'd like to have a pair too

    1. Thanks, Emmanuella. I think every girl/woman should have pair! :)

  4. Hiya Oluwaseun!

    Super cute and simple and really great for school :)

    I was so tempted to buy those shoes at Target! I saw em on clearance but not in my size ;(

    My good friend showed me this tutorial to use fabric paint to paint the top part to give it a little pizazz! Like a bright blue or mint! I think it'd be super cute :)

    -Josie, 8bitgrayscale

    1. Thanks, Josie. That's an awesome idea. I should give it a try! :)

  5. You look amazing. I love how you fixed the neck of you tee. And that scarf and shoes are super cute.

    P.S. I am having a give away over at my blog for a personalized necklace. If you get an opportunity, please head over and enter.

  6. Very pretty!!

    Visit my blog, I'm always happy to know new friends with my same passions!!!

  7. erm this blog just made its way to my browsers homepage :)

  8. The shoes are really cute and im going to cut one of my tops like that too. Love the wayit looks


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