Monday, March 5, 2012

Out and About: Denim Boots

I went to the mall with my sister today. I dressed casual (but cute) so I'm  comfortable while shopping. Before leaving the house, I put some 'Aveda (Be Curly) Curl enhancer' product in my hair, so it's not completely dry in these pictures.  You can probably see bits of white specks in my hair :(. My hair was also fluffed out a bit for today's look.

My outfit was picked out in a rush, but the end result is pretty awesome! :)
This bracelet is actual a necklace, wrapped around my wrist and my pinky finger.
Yay for boots! These shoes are comfy and stylish. I really like the buckle on the side and the chunky heel as well.
I look like a young boy in this picture. Haha. Do you see it?

What I'm wearing:
Vest: Kohls
Button-up shirt: Gift
Gray Skinnies: Charlotte Russe
Boots: Gift
Pearl necklace worn as bracelet: Thrifted
Ring: Burlington

What do you think of this look?

Take care!
Oluwaseun S.


  1. I'm a big fan of boot. I have several pairs. I'm a sucker for cute boots and purses. I love that vest it's cute on you.

  2. Like this simple and casual look. Sometimes it's better to keep it simple!

  3. @Jen, thank you. I actually cut off the sleeves of the vest! :)

    @Emmanuella, you're right, thank you!

    @Didi, thank you! Where's your blog?? Hmm! :)

  4. i really like the outfit! cute.

  5. Love the casualness of this outfit, you look lovely :)

  6. what a great outfit. love how you are effortlessly chic. :) you have a lovely blog... had fun browsing. following you now via google! i'd be honored if you did the same... have a great day!

  7. been going through your outfits and i think this one is one of my favourites.i love your hair and those boots!following your blog.please follwo mine too


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