Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday's Best: Be YOUrself

So, I've been wanting to wear my hair out like this for a while. I finally did. I got some great compliments from people and not so good ones from others.

There was a girl that came to me and said: "OMG, I really have to tell you this, I really like your hair!"
Well, I'm glad I finally wore my hair out like this. I felt so free and relieved. There's nothing like being happy with who you are and how God made you.
What I'm wearing:
Vest (I cut off the sleeves) : Thrifted 
Skirt (originally a dress): Herbergers 
Shoes: Gift
Bag: Gift
Necklace: Vanity
Bracelet: Vanity

What do you think of this look?
Take care!
Oluwaseun S.


  1. Hi sis. Firstly, let me start by saying you look absolutely beautiful. Your hair is gorgeous and your outfit lovely. Secondly, you are right about being one's self. That is really the best we can be. Having had struggles with this in the past, I can tell you you are totally correct to say there is peace in finally settling to be who God made us to be. Thank you for the inspiring and encouraging words. Yes, we should name our blessings and count them one by one especially when we start to whine. God bless you sis! Love the blog and your style :)


  2. Oh wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a lovely comment. You're very welcome. I thank God for His love! :)

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  4. very cute look.I love the necklace

  5. lovely hair..i love the look too. looking forward to more posts. am following you now.

  6. you look lovely dear and your hair is just gorgeous.x

  7. You Look BEAUTIFUL DEAR,...WOW!!! Love your hair too!!! :) Stay blessed and yes You have to count your blessings.. :)

  8. forgot to add...looking forward to more Photos.. :)

  9. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone!! **big smile**

    I gotta get in the hang of taking more pictures!! :)

  10. You look nice and your I love women with natural hair but I don't think I'd ever go natural myself. Not courageous enough to have a big chop but it suits you. x

  11. You are adorable! Xvery nice words of inspiration ans wisdom too :) thanks for following my blog, following you as well :)


  12. sooo cute,i reallly like your hair :)

  13. YOUR hair looks beautiful! I would have stopped to comment to you or well! Or smiled like I often do when I see someone natural and love their frock! I really want to cut my hair again.....tempted!!!

  14. Awww, thanks so much, Ag! Your hair is also very beautiful! :)


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